Face the Music - Professional music lessons
Face the Music guitar studentIn-home or online lessons via Skype with Face the Music!
Face the Music was founded in 2006 by 15 year teaching veteran Patrick Crowling. The goal of the school is to provide fun, challenging lessons to students of all ages and abilities in a comfortable in-home environment.
At Face the Music, you get a personal, one on one lesson with a professional and highly skilled teacher. Lessons are conducted either in person at the student's home, or online via skype. We offer in person lessons in Philadelphia and surrounding areas, and online to anywhere in the world! 

Our lessons emphasize creativity along with technique, and are tailored to each student’s personality and influences. Students are encouraged to select the music they wish to study, as well as use the concepts they learn to create their own.
The school is driven by a strong belief in the power of music to transform and inspire. We strive to give our students the tools to express the unspeakable, and in so doing, find their voice.
Music, because of its specific and far reaching metaphorical powers,
can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable.
-Leonard Bernstein
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